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No Cracks
Woman Tattoos

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D’Artagnan’s Theme
Woman Tattoos

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I virtually forgot about this…… I miss Alix.

I recognize with Citizen Cope on a quantity of levels. Musically he sings the songs that I’d choose for the soundtrack of my life story. His topic matter is my subject matter. He has a melancholy madness about him that I have as well… hell we each go by false names. If his music had been an image it would rarely have full saturation but could be complete of contrast. Gorgeous things performing quite typical and behind the scenes factors. If his songs have been my models they would share a &quotno smiling&quot directive and and each are captured after very deep breaths…… ahhh this is acquiring deep. That is what occurs when I let the inside voice out.

Ladies and Gentleman, Colorado Model Alix R. in honor of Clarence Greenwood