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I’m completely calm – but if you ever flirt with that girl once more, I will kill you. Got it?
Woman Tattoos

Image by Ed Yourdon
Note: this photo was published in a Jun 14, 2012 weblog titled &quotCheaters are Unsafe Sex Partners Increasing the Risk of STD’s.&quot

Moving into 2013, the photo was published in a Mar 5, 2013 weblog titled &quotMen Lie three Instances Far more Than Women, Telling On Typical 1,095 Lies A Year.&quot It was also published in a Jul 22, 2013 weblog titled &quotWhy ‘Sorry’ Is not Very good Sufficient: Couples Argue to Win Energy in Partnership ,&quot as effectively as an Aug 2, 2013 blog titled &quotten Annoying Issues Women Do that Guys Hate.&quot And it was published in an Oct 31, 2013 weblog titled &quot2 Out of 3 Ladies Try To Alter Their Boyfriend’s Look.&quot It was also published in a Dec 17, 2013 weblog titled &quotConnection Study Reveals No matter whether It’s Far better to be Appropriate or Happy.&quot


As I’ve noted in other Flickr photo sets, I have visited Rome’s Piazza del Popolo on many occasions more than a period of practically 40 years, and have taken numerous photographs there. Although I’ve had a couple of early-morning photo sessions, most of my visits have been in the afternoon — when I have just walked around the broad, open plaza to photograph whatever exciting sights and people presented themselves. On this most recent check out in October 2011, I walked more than to Piazza del Popolo on a Saturday afternoon to see what was going on. To my surprise, there was a enormous political rally underway but I did not understand any of the speeches, simply because I do not speak Italian. When the protest rally ended, music began playing, and every person in the crowd began singing a loud, raucous, cheerful song. I never know what the protest was all about, even though a person eventually told me it was a labor union rally against Berlusconi — who resigned about a month after this rally took spot. Anyway, those photos are in a diverse Flickr set, which you can discover here on the World wide web.

I returned to Piazza del Popolo a few days later, right after I had completed my enterprise in Rome, to photograph the scene on a &quotnormal&quot weekday afternoon. And that is what you will locate in this Flickr set … just a bunch of standard Roman citizens, on a standard afternoon in one of their favorite gathering locations in the city…

Woman Tattoos

Image by miss_rogue
I met this fabulous lady at the beerfest and she inspired me to get a butterfly tattoo