Some cool Zodiac Tattoos photos:

The Style
Zodiac Tattoos

Image by Michael_Lehet
This is the design and style that I ultimately decided on.

I’d been thinking about a tattoo for ages. I’ve got a little &quoteagle&quot on my chest that I got ages ago and I knew I wanted 1 a lot more. I’ve been talking about it for ages.

What about a small goat or cow munching &quotgrass&quot proper above your pubic hair? Or a little weightlifter lifting the barbell nipple ring? Or even the head of a bull with his nose where the nipple ring is.

I started considering about what I wanted and where I wanted it. 1st I debated &quotwhat&quot I wanted. Did I want funny or meaningful? Effectively as great as funny is, I believe meaningful is more….well meaningful! I thought what’s meaningful? Well I could have The Boyfriends face tattooed on my arm like some folks do., no that is a tiny also freaky.

So I believed about Zodiac, I imply it’s by no means going to modify and it is element of me. The quest was on….for months I scoured every thing hunting for The Water Bearer-Aquarius and then I discovered this guy!

The subsequent query was &quotwhere&quot I initially believed hip then I thought about my calf and decided on the back of my left calf.

Tattoo #3
Zodiac Tattoos

Image by This Year’s Really like
I could not resist–even if it was Flash! I swore I would never get flash. But! it was straightforward and nice not to mention 20% off!

Zodiac Tattoos

Image by /Sizemore/
Zodiac Mindwarp